Summarize Written Text

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You will get a passage and you've to summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You'll have 10 minutes to finish this task.

Skills assessed

Reading and writing

Number of questions

2 - 3


  • You will have to write the summary in only one sentence. This means, only one full stop is allowed. You can use commas and semicolons for more than once.
  • You must include the main points from the given paragraphs. You’ll get the ‘word count’ at the bottom of the text box. 
  • You will be judged for reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, content and style.
  • You also have a choice to cut, copy, or paste the text. 

Cut: Select text from your answer that you wish to remove and left-click “Cut”. 

Copy: Select text from your answer that you wish to copy and left-click “Copy”. 

Paste: Place the cursor where you wish to paste the cut/copied text and left-click “Paste”.

Free Practice Material

Click here to access free online practice material for PTE Summarize Written Text.

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