Answer Short Question

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You will hear a question and give a simple and short answer. Often just one or a few words is enough. 

Skills assessed

Listening and speaking

Number of questions

10 - 12


  • The recording will begin automatically. Sometimes, this item also has an image. Once the audio is finished, the microphone will start recording your voice and you will get no beep sound.
  • Don't speak before the microphone starts because your voice won’t be recorded. Speak clearly, and don’t make any hurry. You’ll be able to record your answer only once. 
  • Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The word “Recording” changes to “Completed”. 
  • Marks are awarded for a short, accurate answer. There are no extra marks for additional words.

Free Practice Material

Click here to access free online practise material for PTE Answer Short Question.

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